How do you make banana cake instead of eggs?

A: It's all about keep on trying without giving up!We have been tweaking our recipes for more than 20 times to get the perfect texture without eggs and dairy in our cakes!

Is the banana cake very sweet?

A: Not at all, most of the sweetness came from banana itself and we just added tiny touch of brown sugar to enhance the flavour!

Is the banana cake healthy?

A: Each slice of cake is packed with 70% real bananas so it contains much lower sugar compared to the commercial one! And it's made without dairy or eggs and mostly organic ingredients so yes it's definitely so much healthier!

Is the banana cake gluten-free?

A: Unfortunately our banana cake is not gluten free. But we are working on it! Hopefully we will launch it soon.

Is icing sugar gluten free?

A: Yes, it's gluten free!

What does being vegan do to my body?

A: Vegan diet help you stay energetic, youthful and tend to contain less saturated fat and cholesterol and more dietary fiber.

Suitable for diabetics?

A: You may opt for sugar free option for our whole loaf banana cake.