Vegan Banana Cake Recipe | Eggless Banana Cake Recipe

🔥 [WOWNANA Banana Loaf Cake Secret Recipe]  
🤔 Craving for authentic banana cake, but what you get is those super sweet & fake banana flavor banana cake from the market?!

Banana Cake Recipe

Wanted to make banana cake at home but failed every single time?!
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vegan banana cake recipe

Customer keep asking us the below questions after they tried our banana loaf cake 👇👇:
“Wow! Is there really no egg or milk in this cake?"🤨
“How can I bake an egg-free and dairy-free vegan cake like WOWNANA?”😫
Since the establishment of WOWNANA, we have improved our signature banana cake recipe more than #20times, just to make it perfect for everyone! 🥳🥳 

eggless banana cake malaysia

No one can tell it’s a #dairyfree and #eggless cake! 🙌🏻 And now we are packing our #secretrecipe in a bag & you can make it at home now! 🎉 If you wonder why are we revealing our secret recipe?! 👀 

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dairy-free banana cake recipe

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vegan banana cake recipe malaysia