Be the change

We are proud and happy of our bakery because it represents everything we believe in, and we only serve quality product that we think you deserved.

Our biggest dream is to create and delivering outstanding vegan pastries. With your purchase, you are helping us to continue to do what we love!


This bundle set included all of WOWNANA's top favorite products and plus point we made it smaller in size so it's easy for you to enjoy it anytime!


Signature Banana Loaf Cake

Try this baked banana cake that walks the line between breakfast, snack, and dessert! With a gentle caramel flavor coming from the brown sugar and ripe bananas and generously loaded with chocolate chips and walnuts, there’s nothing not to love about this bread! 


Double Chocolate Banana Loaf Cake

Using premium Callebaut Chocolate Powder and 70% Belgium dark chocolate chips to bring out the richness of this chocolate banana cake.


Banana Cake Recipe

This premix has all the perfect ratio for you to make a foolproof banana cake & this is the only banana cake recipe you’ll ever need! Don't miss out the introduction price. Limited time offer!

banana cake recipe


18,000 Vegan cakes sold in 12 months and still counting

About Wownana™

If you wonder what’s so special about WOWNANA, we are not only the 1st Banana Cake Specialist in Malaysia, we are way bigger than just a banana cake.

We are here to make a different, saving the planet, not only for all of us but for the future generations.

We are all responsible for our planet because we are living on it.But do you know what’s the easiest way to help this planet & our future generations? As simple as choosing your food mindfully!
This is why we eliminated all animal related products in our baked good AKA all our products are 100% vegan, created without using dairy, eggs, or even honey. Because vegan diet is one of the easiest way to reduce your impact on planet and its scientifically proven.
And you thought you will be missing out all the great taste when choosing vegan baked goods over non vegan baked good? NOT AT ALL! You will be surprised how good these eggless and dairy free baked good tastes because we make it taste like the a real thing! Even better than those desserts/pastries that contains dairy and eggs! 

Are you ready for a change? Join us and let’s create a more responsible future, for all the communities on the planet! BIG LOVE!