Meet Our Founder

In the heart of every Wownana creation lies the passion and vision of our founder, Fiozznah. 

From the outset, Fiozznah embarked on a journey fueled by compassion, an unyielding love for the planet, and a dream to make the world a kinder place through the power of vegan baking.

Wownana Story

A New Perspective
It all began with an eye-opening documentary that challenged everything Fiozznah knew about food. This moment of truth wasn't just about changing her diet; it was about transforming her life. Embracing veganism overnight, she embarked on a journey filled with purpose and compassion.🌱
Finding Joy in Vegan Baking
The search for a delicious vegan cake that matched her values led Fiozznah into her kitchen, a place of endless possibilities. Fiozznah was driven not just by the challenge, but by the belief that vegan desserts could be just as indulgent and satisfying. Her journey of experimentation was about more than recipes—it was about proving that kindness and flavor could coexist beautifully in every bite.✨
The Birth of Wownana
What started as a favor for a friend—a request for a vegan banana cake—became the catalyst for something greater. That cake was not just a hit; it was a revelation. It marked the beginning of Wownana, a dream turned reality.

Our Mission

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Come and see why WOWNANA is more than just a bakery—it's a destination for delicious, compassionate living. We're conveniently located at Jiospace Seksyen 19, with ample parking available.

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Tuesday - Sunday 10a.m - 6p.m
(Closed on every Monday)

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