Chinese New Year Gift Set | Vegan Cookies

CNY gift set | Vegan Dessert PJCNY gift set | Vegan Dessert PJ

CNY Gift Set | Vegan Cookies

Cheers to more moments, more presence, and more love this year. 🥂
We are feeling so excited this year as WOWNANA will be creating more dessert varieties for you! 🥳

Vegan options are getting a lot more compared with last few years and we are really happy & blessed to be part of it and thank you for trusting us. 🥰❤️
But when it comes to CNY, I’m a bit annoyed because I couldn’t enjoy most of my childhood CNY cookies because most of them contain dairy and egg 🥲
And so to fulfill my craving for my favorite childhood CNY cookies and yours😏, we are bringing you the very authentic childhood CNY cookies which are 100% vegan & amazing! ✨ As usual you couldn’t tell they’re all vegan la because that’s our talent ma🤣

Vegan cookies malaysia

Healthier choice and better for the environment I mean why not!!
🐯虎年吉祥CNY Cookies Gift Set A:
🧧500g Green Pea Cookies x1 💚
🧧500g Almond Cookies x1 🥛
🧧500g Gula Melaka Choc Chips Cookies x1 🍪
🧧300g Coffee Buttery Cookies x1 ☕️
🧧CNY Edition Greeting Card x1 ✍️

🐯虎年吉祥CNY Cookies Gift Set B:
🧧Signature Banana Loaf Cake x1 🍌
🧧Any 2 cookies flavors of your choice 🍪
🧧CNY Edition Greeting Card x1 ✍️

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